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Development Status of Electric Telescopic Door
Time: 2019-06-26 11:17:00

Judging from the current market situation, electric telescopic door products are mainly used in the economically developed eastern and southeast coastal areas. The application of electric telescopic door products is continuously expanding to inland developed cities. With the construction of provincial capitals and the transfer of foreign investment to the inland, the use area of electric telescopic door is extending to the inland.


The market will continue to grow at a faster rate in the next few years. China has become the world's largest market and manufacturing center for automatic induction door, electric doors and import and export control equipment. The development prospect of electric retractable doors is very promising. Global manufacturers of electric retractable doors are all trying to seek development in China.


At the beginning of the rise of the market, electric retractable doors in the Chinese market mainly came from European and American countries. Looking at the current market situation, European, American, Japanese and local brands have already gained a certain share of the market and established their positioning and development modes in various idle markets.


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