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Common sense of routine maintenance of road gates
Time: 2019-06-26 11:15:00

With the increasing number of cars, the requirements for the parking lot management system are getting higher and higher. The gateway is an important part of the parking lot management system, so it also puts forward high requirements for its performance. Such as anti-collision drag bar device, integrated movement of brake, etc. In addition to mastering the operation method of the gate, operators should also pay attention to the daily maintenance of the gate.

1. Check the balance spring frequently and adjust the balance in time. Spring is easy to deform and may change over time, so daily inspection should be paid attention to.

2. If the remote control distance is too short, please check whether the installation position of the main machine is covered by metal objects or whether the battery power is sufficient.

3. Check whether the fasteners are loose and fall off once a month and tighten them in time. Loose screws can easily lead to improper lifting of the gate and other faults.

4. Add lubricating oil to the connection accessories of each movable gate every 3 months to maintain a good lubricating state. Every 6 months, please ask professionals to check the wear and tear situation and replace the worn parts in time.

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